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State of the Nations Ecosystems report




The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems 2008

The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems 2008 report is now available from Island Press. The Heinz Center has prepared a variety of materials presenting the report’s contents in summary and topical forms.

        Highlights Report – Key trends in the condition and use of

            US ecosystems (pdf):  Highlights_Final_low_res.pdf

        Focus on Climate:  Climate_Fact_Sheet.pdf

        Focus on Wildlife:  Wildlife_Fact_Sheet.pdf

        Focus on Contaminants:  Contaminants_Fact_Sheet.pdf

        Focus on Nitrogen:  Nitrogen_Fact_Sheet.pdf

Files for The State of the Nation's Ecosystems 2008: (MS Excel files, approximately 1.5MB each):

    Core National:   Core_National_Data.xls

    Coasts and Oceans:  Coasts&Oceans_Data.xls  

    Farmlands:   Farmlands_Data.xls

    Forests:  Forests_Data.xls

    Freshwaters:  Freshwaters_Data.xls

    Grasslands and Shrublands:  Grass_Shrub_Data.xls

    Urban and Suburban Areas:  Urban_Suburban_Data.xls

Other Key Documents

     Description of the project (pdf):  SNE_Project_Description.pdf

     Frequently Asked Questions (pdf):  Frequently_Asked_Questions.pdf   

Environmental Information: Road Map to the Future. This report recommends concrete actions to ensure the establishment and long-term production of a set of environmental indicators. (pdf, 104 KB):  Roadmap_Future_Report.pdf

Related Information

Policy Memorandum on National Environmental Status and Trends Indicators -White House CEQ:   CEQ_OSTP_OMB_NEST_Indicators_Letter.pdf

Administration Announces Plan to Develop National Environmental Indicators (June 17, 2008):  White_House_Indicators_Release_Jun_17_08.pdf

Project Management: The State of the Nation’s Ecosystems staff and advisors are committed to excellence and openness in reporting indicators of ecosystem condition. All committees are comprised of representatives from academia, government, industry, and non-profit environmental organizations.

       H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment

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